The Science of Growth

The purpose of our work is to provide personal and corporate growth. Our procedures don’t emerge out of coincidence but are based on up to date scientific research. During our consultations we break outdated paradigms and inspire our clients to bigger objectivity. We educated both top-management and public in the field of competitiveness.

GrowJOB® Institute

Transfer from Information to Knowledge

Information is what we know. Knowledge is what we know and use.

In today's world there is a significant gap between information and knowledge. In our work we constantly search for the first-rate information. We transform it to simple models and tools that we pass on to our clients. This way we provide them with practical knowledge which create important competitive advantage.

The Sources of Our Know-how

I. The Base in Scientific Research

We come out of findings of the complex system theory, behavioral economics and neurosciences. We derive up to date information from the world's top universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Stanford University or University of California Berkeley.

II. World-wide Experience

Some experience we have gained during internships in supranational companies. We had a chance to consult the key elements of growth with managers of firms and institutions such as Opel, ArcelorMittal, Novo Nordisk, Lufthansa, Miele, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, UNICEF and European Space Agency (ESA).

III. Ability to Adapt

Since 2005 in the Czech Republic we have cooperated with thousands of people from hundreds of companies. Our products and services use firms and institutions of various sizes and fields. Knowledge and experience gained by our consultants are the source of overview and objectivity. Regarding that we help individuals fulfill better their potential.

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Consultations and Realizations

In division GrowJOB Corporate we educate executives in the fields of corporate strategies and brand building. Based on human brain research, we help to optimize decision processes. Division GrowJOB Personal brings more intrinsic motivation and better personal efficiency. We push aside procrastination, which means putting off important tasks.

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