We offer managerial consultancy services and consult top managers with a goal of increased competitiveness of their companies. The core of our work is in individual consultations, which are being followed by specific realizations and collective workshops with employees.

Our institute has two main divisions:

GrowJOB® Corporate

The areas of our consultations:

  • Company mission, vision and strategy, intrinsic motivation of employees.
  • Value and product innovation, “Blue Ocean”.
  • Decision processes optimization based on rational and emotional factors.
  • Using company status, corporate identity and branding. 
  • Effective communication, content of communication, relation to media.
  • Promotion and sales strategy.
  • Designing export strategies, international sales.
  • Increasing objectivity of perception, struggle with the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Example of our work:

  • According to findings of behavioral economics we adjust clients’ price proposals so that the success ratio goes from 20 % to 60 %. We do this without changing prices or products.

GrowJOB® Personal

The areas of our consultations:

  • Personal mission and intrinsic motivation.
  • Self-discipline, effective planning, learning habits.
  • Eliminating procrastination, compulsive delaying of important tasks.
  • Work with personal status, negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Emotional stability, work with time perspectives.
  • Increasing own objectivity, getting feedback. 
  • Self-coaching, meeting with myself. 

 Example of our work:

  • During two or three months of personal development we increase motivation and efficiency so that the client gets done twice as much important tasks as before.

The start of cooperation is always the same

Due the fact that we base our work on actual research, it is hard to find exact description of our work. Because of that the first step of cooperation is sample consultation free of charge.

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